The Arun Line is the fourth line of Macth Witches.

They like all witches can sense vampiric and witch auras. They are faster, stronger, and heal faster than other witches. They are also immune to things like bloodbonding to vampires and can experience bloodlust because of their taint.

The Line's HistoryEdit

he Arun line split off from the Smoke line after Midnight Smoke, mother of Ardiente Arun, drew the vampiric aura into herself to save a human from becoming a vampire, tainting both herself and her daughter. Ardiente ended up with a vendetta and split from the peaceful Smoke clan.

A later incident involving Jade Arun strengthened the vampiric taint of the line. Jade had actually been separated from her family and was taken in, as a child, by a solar vampire. As she grew up, said vampire distanced herself, to avoid the awkward questions and keep her adopted child from figuring out that her new mommy was a vampire.

The solar vampires aren't well liked by the others, one got into a tiff with Silver, and he retaliated by kidnapping her ward's young child. Jade, who had previously not known what she was, tracked down the other hunters in hope of getting help, and they gave her the summary of her own family history. She was reunited with her family, and they went to try to rescue the daughter. However, not only did it not work out, but Silver attempted to blood-bond Jade. Lucky for the Arun line, it already had enough of a taint, which had been passed down for generations, to reject the bloodbond. Not so lucky, the line's vampiric link was strengthened.

Present Day Arun'sEdit

  • Micheal Arun