The NyeusiEdit

The Nyeusi are the direct descendants of Zadre and Diosa, the human twins who made a deal with the fire elemental Leona, gaining a share of her immortality in exchange some of their mortality.


Zadre and Diosa were human twins who made a deal with the fire elemental Leona, their human mortality for her immortality. Zadre was willing to go farther to gain his immortal power and therefore gave his blood for the sacrifice. Doisa lived through the ritual; however Zadre was reduced to his raw immortal power, and not a mortal body.

Zadre's Descendants

Zadre's descendants were stronger but required living mortal power. With the exception of Siete, Zadre's descendants cannot breed.

Zadre's Descendants- Fariza, Siete, Triste

Diosa's Descendants

Doisa's descendants, on the other hand, can sustain themselves solely on food and beverage, but do not possess the power of immortality. However they do have the ability to breed.

Doisa's Descendants- Cera and Macht


There are some powers that all Nyeusi share. All of the higher Nyeusi are able to do the following:

  • Thought Manipulation
  • Dream Manipulation
  • Form Alteration
  • Weather Modification

Additional InformationEdit

With the exception of Leben, all the higher Nyeusi were born human and only later given a share of Leona’s immortal power.