The Light line is the third line of the Macht Witches.

The line ended with the last trained Light witch, Lila Light, who is now a fledgling of Kaleo.

They like all Witches can sense vampiric and witch auras. They can also send this sense into hyperactivity by specifically trying to sense other auras. Their powers are a bit different from the other witches. The Light witches that were born possessed the most or all the abilities of telekinesis, telepathy and pyrokinesis.

The line's historyEdit

In 3500 BCE, a Smoke witch known as Cyrinka Light was traveling in unfriendly territory when she and several of her students were taken hostage. Vida laws say you must never bargain with your enemies, and must never endanger all your people in order to protect a few... especially a few sworn to pacificism, who might not thank you for slaughtering people on their behalf. So the captured healers were left to fend for themselves. Turns out their captivity wasn't in the land of peaches and cream, and they decided that they had a right to their own lives, and to protect their own lives and freedom. Of course they were not trained to fight, like Vidas, but they had their magic, and they forced it to work for them. The Light Line, begun in this way, still favored peaceful measures first, but believed a certain amount of force was appropriate in some situations.

The Light line has strong healing abilities, though not as strong as the Smoke line. They train physically much like Vidas do, and do not believe in using their magic violently unless it is absolutely necessary. When they do, their magic focuses on heat and fire.

The Light line died out with Lila Light, the last Child of Light to be trained; so far as anyone can tell, she's one of Kaleo's fledglings. Her husband fled to a human village with their children Alexander and Rachel Weatere. Rachel's story is told in In the Forests of the Night. Lila's sister Mara became the first of the Marinitch line.

Physical attributesEdit

All Light witches were born with blond hair and golden eyes.

The last Light witchesEdit

Lila Light (a vampire)

Her children:

  • Alexander Weatere (a Triste Witch)
  • Rachel Weatere aka Risika (a vampire)