The Queitch line is a single familial line. One of the Vida families began studying methods to enhance sight and knowledge. A couple of them were wildly successful enough, in 1900 BCE, that a friendy vampire you might know as Silver decided to transport the whole group of them out of the way (he was in Europe at the time) to what we now consider mesoamerica. They were allowed to stay with the Azteka, who respected them as other magic-users, but after a couple generations they were kicked out again as their prophetic abilities became strong enough to unnerve those around them.?

Kahlan Queitch and her infant daughter were the two Queitch witches who were driven out. They survived for nearly twenty years on their own. Kahlan died of a snakebite, and her now no-longer-an-infant daughter, Moira, angered some humans and was nearly sacrificed via the removal of her heart. She and her new friend Fala wreaked bloody vengence and now you know that story.?