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Gender Female
Race Vampire
Faction New Mayhem
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Risika was born to the name if Rachel Weatere. She was the twin sister of Alexander and the older sister of Lynette. She had no idea her mother was a witch or that she was one too. She only shows up in the book In the Forests of the Night, and is mentioned once in Demon In My View and mentioned, not by name, in Persistence of Memory.

Early LifeEdit

Born with the name Rachel Weatere in 1684, her mother died giving birth to her and her twin, Alexander, (or so she had thought) and her father later remarried. The twins would have been accused of witchcraft on account of their odd eye color, but for their father's good standing in the community. Nonetheless, such accusations would have been true, at least in part. Alexander had psychic powers: he could hear thoughts, move things with his mind. He originally found this a curse - unlike his sister, Alexander's faith in God was very strong, and he felt that what he could do was from the Devil. He once tried to stop a vampire, Ather, from feeding on his younger half-sister, and this insult was the reason she decided to take his sister. While she was taken away by Ather, Risika thought she saw Aubrey kill Alexander.

Life as a vampireEdit

After being changed into a vampire, she kept to herself and never returned home to her father. After a few years, Aubrey, another vampire, would taunt her with her brothers death. He left her a scar and basically forced her to accept who she was, at least in part. She never heard from him again for nearly 300 years.