Sarah Vida was the youngest daughter in the Vida line of witches until she became a vampire when she was 17 years old. She is the second and youngest daughter to Dominique Vida, the most respected vampire hunter in her time and the younger sister of Adianna Vida. She shows up in the books Shattered Mirror and All Just Glass.

Early lifeEdit

Sarah was the youngest daughter of Dominique and her father. Growing up, she had to train and study the laws of Vida. When her mother was out hunting, her father would treat her differently. He would make and drink hot cocoa with her until her mother came back. At the age of 7, she found her fathers dead body on the front porch and went crazy. She threw things and when there was nothing to throw, she punched a window, injuring herself. As punishment, her mother bound her powers so she would heal like a human. Since then she has kept her emotions to herself.

Later lifeEdit

Sarah became a hunter like all the witches in her line before her sometime as a teenager. She lived in New York City and would hunt either with her sister or Michael Arun, another witch. While fighting with a vampire, she damaged the property of the school she was attending. Dominque then moved to Acton, Massachussets. On the first day of school there, she meet Nissa and Christopher Ravena, vampire siblings. Reluctant at first, she returned the vampires friendship, the latter not knowing she was a witch. She eventually told Christopher who she was. She later discovered that the vampire her family had been hunting for centuries, Nikolas, was Christopher's twin brother. She continued to get close to Christopher. Adianna, her sister, discovered her relationship with them and told their mother. Dominique confronted Sarah with what she was told, bound Sarah's powers and told her she was going to set up a trial on whether or now she would be disowned and stripped of her powers. Sarah then went to kill Nikolas as an attempt to clear her name. Christopher was there and lost control. The twin vampires, Nikolas and Kristopher, attacked her and tried to bloodbond her but her Vida blood was killing her with the vampire blood in her as well. To save her life, Kristopher changed her into a vampire.