The Smoke line of Witches are the healers, not the fighters. They refuse to fight no matter the situation. They are the second line of the Macht witches.

They like all Witches can sense vampiric and witch auras. They can also send this sense into hyperactivity by specifically trying to sense other auras. Smoke witches mostly concentrate on healing humans and witches. Caryn is the most powerful healer in her line so far.

The line's historyEdit

At around 5000 BCE, some of Vida 's "descendents" decided there were far too many fighters around. The Vida laws urged them to use their abilities to protect others, and the new group, led by Evelyn Smoke, reasoned that killing things wasn't exactly protecting them. So they shifted their training to focus specifically on healing, and swore some serious vows saying they would not harm others, no matter the situation. This enabled them to travel even in unfriendly territory; you could be certain that a Smoke witch would help, and would never be an assassin or even spy.

Present day Smoke'sEdit

  • Hasana Smoke- Head of line
  • Caryn Smoke- daughter of Hasana
  • Diana Smoke- Hasana's sister