The Vida are the oldest line of Witches.

They are combat orientated and use a manner of silver daggers and knives.

Their magic has been described as being 'painful' probably because of it's use to harm and kill. The Vida magic can be used to incapacitate humans, being the equivilent of a hammer to the head. It can also be used to 'cloak' a witch, hiding her from vampires and their blood-bonded humans as well as regular humans. This works by causing the brain not to register her presence, effectivly causing invisibility.

They like all Witches can sense vampiric and witch auras. They can also send this sense into hyperactivity by specifically trying to sense other auras.

The line's historyEdit

Vida was Macht's daughter. Her three daughters (and those they shared power with) carried on the line.

For many, many millennia, the three Vida sisters trained others, granted them magic, etc. They did hunt some what we would call supernatural creatures, and protected their lands from magic-users, but in this timeframe they could better be called a select sect of warriors. It was only later, with the proliferation of vampires of Mira's and Kendra's lines, that they specifically hunted vampires.

Physical attributesEdit

All Vida born witches are known to have blond hair and blue eyes.

Present day Vida'sEdit

Dominique Vida- former matriarch

Her daughters:

Her nephew and niece:

  • Zachary Vida, son of Rose (Dominique's sister)
  • Kyla Athal Cobriana Vida