Witches are one of the main beings in the Den of Shadows series. There are two types of witches. The Macht Witches, who are born witches, and the Triste Witches, who are made immortal through ritual and given there power.

Types of WitchesEdit

Triste WitchesEdit

These witches are descendants of Zadre through Triste herself. They are immortal. They must feed on mortal power to stay alive but in a different way than vampires. They have control of their own power and others power including mortals and vampires. They can also manipulate their own powers. Some are powerful enough to not have to touch a human to feed on their aura. They can easily kill a human with a thought.

Macht WitchesEdit

Macht witches are, collectively, the descendents of Macht's children and of the villagers they shared their power with. There are six lines that have at one time or another existed: Vida, Smoke, Light, Arun, Marinitch, and Queitch.